Awakening the desire to be at a concert by the band

„Fire“ is a giant track that shows the band’s heavy, daring and multifaceted ideology, together with the aggressive and peculiar sound, which brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding sincere freshness thanks to the band’s jovial and visionary energy and mind. „Fire“ presents the old school sound of rock’n’roll and punk with the sensibility of post punk with good doses of modernity, proving that the artist knew how to use all her influences and mix in a peculiar way to create her own identity in the scene musical. The guitar riffs are aggressive and heavy, distilling the energy of rock – recalling the technique and creativity of classic bands–, the drums follow a fast and powerful rhythm, making the sound more modern, along with the bass that marks a strong presence in a powerful groove and keeping the mood heavy and rebellious. Powerful vocals belt out brutal rhymes with her strong, gritty voice that is a catchy blast in release form. The melody makes the music stick in your head right away, awakening the desire to be at a concert by the band, referring to European classics from the 80s such as The Killing Joke, The Smiths and Talking Heads. Stigma is here to stay and has already gained prominence and is still full of vibrant and exclusive ideas, being a powerful singer, with aggressive ideas and pure nostalgia and immersion with such a strong and confident mastery over her sound, that she manages to charm even the most demanding audience. even those looking for new bands.

Jéssica Mar

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