Stigma delves deep into the cyclicality of life

German hard rock band Stigma releases „First Call,“ a five-track album showcasing varied themes and their defiance against societal norms.
„First Call“ marks Stigma’s second studio foray, a German Hardrock outfit that has been stamping its unique footprint on the rock landscape since 2021. This album presents five distinct stories, each portraying varied emotions and themes. From the intricate emotional web of „Obsession“ to the poignant reflections in „Fallen Angel“, the band’s versatility shines through. The album’s critical reflection on the Arab world, „Arabian Nights“, offers an uplifting chorus, urging brightness amidst conflict. With „Fire“, Stigma delves deep into the cyclicality of life, juxtaposing destruction and rebirth.
In the broader spectrum, Stigma stands as a beacon of defiance against societal norms, drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Alice Cooper and Metallica, while intertwining their message of breaking free from societal stigmas. With a trajectory that has already seen them win accolades and collaborate for anthems, their journey with „First Call“ only deepens their imprint on the global rock scene. This collection, laden with searing guitar riffs, thundering bass, and relentless drums, promises not just music but an experience – a testament to Stigma’s evolution and their unwavering commitment to their art.

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