Five well-produced and played compositions

This is the second EP / mini album by German hard-rock band First Call. It offers five well-produced and played compositions that will appeal to fans of melodic hard rock like VandenBerg. It’s slightly heavier than the classic hard rock of the 80s. The dual guitars add a nice extra melodic layer, bordering on heavy metal during some instrumental sections. This elevates this from being a tribute band and gives the music a modern touch. The songwriting is also adding enough variation, bringing in influences from Magnum.
It’s not the type of music you would expect very clever lyrics telling long stories, but some choruses could use a little bit more variation or less cheesy rhyming. The vocals are quite high in the mix, so this becomes pretty clear. You could say it does fit the musical style, as does the production, which is clear and very good. I guess it can be kind of a party, attending Stigma live.
If besides your dose of prog you listen to VandenBerg, Magnum or even AC/DC and Bon Jovi, this might be right up your alley.


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